Fox Chasing

The sport of fox chasing in Howard County traces back to the late 1800s and the county itself has become the leading sporting county in the state of Maryland and the center of its rural fox chasing social life.  While members of the Howard County Iron-Bridge Hounds embrace the rich tradition of the sport, including historical knowledge, terminology, hound breeding, etiquette and dress, there are aspects of the sport that have changed in response to modern day challenges.  Wildlife is preserved and protected, including the fox at every opportunity.  Today’s natural environment and resources are fragile and members are committed to their preservation. (excerpted from HCIBH) .

Since moving to Harwood Farm in 1994 Robert and Maxine Walker have continued the custom of hosting the Howard County Iron-Bridge Hounds (HCIBH) Opening Day Meet and Blessing of the Hounds.  The event – always held on the first Saturday in November, in rain or shine, has grown in both stature and popularity attracting between 200 and 300 guests and sometimes more in exceptionally good weather. 

Harwood Farm is committed to the values shared by the Howard County Iron-Bridge Hounds.

Mary Ann Ridgely jumping

HCIBH Masters 2015 to present: Dr. Roger I. Scullin, VMD, Mr. Donald Reuwer, Jr., Mr. David Pickett, Ms. Crystal Kimball and Mr. Rob Scranton.